Matt Messinger


Opening November 17 (Friday) 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Please join us for an exhibition of new assemblages and paintings on canvas and panel by Matt Messinger. Through December 23.

matt messinger 2017 collage paint graphite on panel 14 x 10″

Argus had a hundred eyes round his head, that took their rest two at a time in succession while the others kept watch and stayed on guard. Wherever he stood he was looking at Io, and had Io in front of his eyes when his back was turned. He let her graze in the light, but when the sun sank below the earth, he penned her, and fastened a rope round her innocent neck. She grazed on the leaves of trees and bitter herbs. She often lay on the bare ground, and the poor thing drank water from muddy streams. ‘You there, whoever you are’ Argus calls ‘you could sit here beside me on this rock; there’s no better grass elsewhere for your flock, and you can see that the shade is fine for shepherds.’     Mercury sits down in disguise, and passes the day in conversation, talking of many things, and playing on his reed pipe, trying to conquer those watching eyes. Argus however fights to overcome gentle sleep, and though he allows some of his eyes to close, the rest stay vigilant. When at last Mercury saw that every eye had succumbed and their light was lost in sleep, quickly he stops speaking and deepens their rest, caressing those drowsy eyes with touches of his magic wand. Then straightaway he strikes the nodding head, where it joins the neck, with his curved sword, and sends it bloody down the rocks, staining the steep cliff.  Argus, you are overthrown! The light of your many eyes is extinguished, and one dark sleeps under so many eyelids.

– Ovid Metamorphoses adapted from a translation by A.S. Kline

Matt Messinger Argus 2017 acrylic and cloth cloth collage on canvas 48 x 48″

Paul Kittelson

On the Line

Opening October 6 (Friday) 6 to 8 pm

Devin Borden Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a new space at 3909 Main Street in the historic Isabella Court building.  Located in the center of the block, parking is convenient from either Isabella or Truxillo Street. Please join us as we kick off the 2017-18 season with an exhibition of new works by Paul Kittelson.  

Paul Kittelson is known for wryly humorous critique and social commentary in works ranging from intimately scaled wall-based assemblages to monumental public commissions.  Through unending exploration of materials, Kittelson creates sculpture in traditional and experimental media including bronze, wood, glass, cement, resin, styrofoam, vinyl and, in the current body of work, graphite on paper. Deft draftsmanship and suspension bring large and small scaled drawings into three-dimensional space, visually and literally. Please join us for an artist’s reception on October 6 (Friday) from 6 to 8 pm.  Through November 11, 2017.

Announcing New Space at Isabella Court

Devin Borden Gallery is pleased to announce it has moved three doors north (toward Downtown) to 3909 Main Street at Isabella Court (the center of the block).  The gallery contact information remains the same: 713/256-0225 or DevinBorden at gmail.

Upcoming exhibitions include new drawings by Paul Kittelson and paintings by Matt Messinger. I look forward to seeing you at the new space this fall.  – DB

Todd Hebert "Basket With Glacier" 2013 at Devin Borden Gallery

Todd Hebert “Basket With Glacier” 2013 at Devin Borden Gallery

Guest Star

Opening June 8 (Thursday) 6 to 8 pm.  Laura Lark has curated this installation including works by dozens of artists, writers and filmmakers who have made her studio compound their temporary residence over the past twenty-five years.Through July 8, 2017.


April 29 (Saturday) and April 30 (Sunday) noon – 5 pm

Forty-two works are installed salon-style.  The exhibition Includes paintings, drawings, collage, assemblage, sculpture and printed multiples dated from between 1947 and the present.  Join us for an open house on April 29 and April 30 (Saturday and Sunday) between noon and 5 pm concurrent with the Preservation Houston tour of Isabella Court. Tickets to the tour are separate and include four other buildings located near downtown Houston.

Selections on Paper

Opening March 9 (Thursday) from 6 – 8 pm

Selections on Paper

Drawings by Julia Brown, Chris Cascio, Jason Hedges, Laura Lark, Nicolas Lobo, Richard Nix, Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin, and Hilary Wilder

Laura Lark

A wide variety of mark making distinguishes the works by seven artists and one artist team in Selections on Paper.  Techniques range from simple ink lines, obsessive accumulations of dots, painterly swaths of acrylic, and trails of graphite made by the movement of insects across paper.  All of the artists share a knack for uniquely interpreting the contemporary concept of what it means to make a drawing. Isabella Court galleries will be open and most hosting artists’ receptions on Thursday March 9 from 6 to 8 pm.  On view through April 18, 2017.

Hilary wilder

richard nix

David Lackey


Opening December 10 (Saturday) 3 to 6 pm

David Lackey “Dinner Conversation” detail

The intimate assemblages of David Lackey are the product of his discerning eye and impeccable pairings of exquisite period frames and hand-tinted photographs. The impassive stares of Lackey’s subjects are imbued with a sense of silent isolation, heightened by interloping animal and insect images.  Surreal distortions are simultaneously humorous and discomfitting.  

Please join us December 10 (Saturday) from 3 to 6 pm for an artist’s opening and holiday open house at all Isabella Court galleries.  Please call for more information 713-256-0225.

David Lackey “Silenced” 2015 found photo, vintage frame, collage 16 1/2 x 14 1/2″

Thanksgiving Weekend Hours

We will be open Thanksgiving Weekend on Friday from noon until 5 pm and on Saturday from 11 to 5 pm.  Other Isabella Court galleries will be open.  On view: Todd Hebert Cups, Coolers, Watermelon and Bottles and the final weekend of Five Sculptors, part of Houston Sculpture Month 2016.

Todd Hebert "Bottle" 2013 at Devin Borden Gallery

Todd Hebert “Bottle” 2013 at Devin Borden Gallery

Todd Hebert

Cups, Coolers, Watermelon and Bottles

Opening November 11 (Friday) 6 to 8 pm

Artist’s Q & A November 12 (Saturday) Noon – come early for coffee and pastries

Todd Hebert “Cup with Glaciers & Chance of Rain” acrylic & pastel on paper 7 x 7″

Todd Hebert is a graduate of the University of North Dakota (BFA) and The Rhode Island School of Design (MFA).  His work has been featured in public museums and private galleries nationwide, including The Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, Pepperdine University, The Riverside Art Museum and the Carpenter Center at Harvard University.  A recent survey exhibition of Hebert’s work was mounted at the North Dakota Museum of Art and his work is included in numerous public collections including the Los Angeles County Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and The Frederick R. Weisman Collection.  Please join us at the opening or the artist’s talk!

 If you would like to preview the exhibition please call 713-256-0225.