David Lackey

Memories & Maladies

Artist’s Reception December 6 (Saturday) 5-7 pm

David Lackey at Devin Borden Gallery

One of America’s most discerning antiquarians – well-known across the country thanks to his distinguished appearances on the Antiques Roadshow – David Lackey is steeped in the delicious perfume of the past.  Now the authority on all things beautiful and arcane steps in the contemporary art ring…Marking a gallery debut with Borden, the show charmingly – and oddly – combines 19th-century photographic images, lovingly assembled, with found objects.  A little Cornell, part Proust yet utterly original, they manifest Lackey’s unmistakable wit.

Catherine D. Anspon

PaperCity Magazine December 2014

through January 31, 2015

Darryl Lauster

Ought Not No One

Artist’s reception November 14 (Friday) 6 – 8 pm

through December 20, 2014

Darryl Lauster at Devin Borden Gallery

Darryl Lauster presents drawings and sculpture spawned by the relationship of his personal life’s story to  broader historical references.  Based in the Dallas area, Lauster has been included in exhibitions in the US and Europe including the Berlin Becher Triennial (2013), The Cameron Museum of Art (2013) and the Dallas Biennial (2014).  The recent recipient of awards from the Netherland-American and Joan Mitchell foundations, he has completed residencies at Ucross, the Vermont Studio Center, Foundation id11 (The Netherlands), the Byrdcliffe Art Colony (Woodstock, NY), among others.  His work is found in public collections including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Darryl Lauster at Devin Borden Gallery

Darryl Lauster at Devin Borden Gallery

Special Event – Paul Kittelson

Join us Saturday November 22 at Allen Center Gallery to honor Paul Kittelson from 3 to 5 pm.

Enter at the corner of Smith and Dallas  (use the escalators  visible from the street).  Parking is free on Saturday. The space is opening up specially for us  – they are usually closed on Saturday – look for a sign on the door. 

Afterwards we’ll meet at the at the Doubletree Hotel next door (cash bar). The show is extraordinary and should not be missed…see you Saturday!



Geoff Hippenstiel

The works of Geoff Hippenstiel teeter between figuration and abstraction.  Since receiving his MFA from the University of Houston in 2010, he has had solo exhibitions in Houston (Devin Borden Gallery), Dallas (Holly Johnson Gallery) and New York (Peter Makebish Gallery). This recent series of ten paintings is based on the Emil Nolde woodcut The Prophet (1912) from collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  The brooding quality of this iconic image is translated from the original woodcut as a set of variations exploring texture and color in thick oil and wax impasto.

 Opening Friday September 5 at Isabella Court 6-8 pm; through October 28


Geoff Hippenstiel at Devin Borden Gallery

Eric Schnell

The Book of Pure Science

Eric Schnell created The Book of Pure Science in situ.  His delicate ink and graphite drawings have been praised by Roberta Smith in the New York Times; dozens of them surround and are included within this room-sized work.  Schnell received his MFA from Columbia University and is a co-founder of the Galveston Artist Residency.   He has created numerous site specific installations in public spaces, including Exit Art (New York), Arthouse (Austin), The Blaffer Museum (Houston) and The Hammer Museum (Los Angeles).

 Opening Friday September 5 at Isabella Court 6-8 pm; through October 28

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Eric Schnell at Devin Borden Gallery 2014

Special Event Saturday October 11

Please join us for a dialogue with Dena M. Woodall, Ph.D.,

Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Saturday October 11 at noon

Geoff Hippenstiel After Nolde


Eric Schnell The Book of Pure Science

Devin Borden Gallery 3917 Main Street  77002

The exhibitions The Book of Pure Science and After Nolde are on view at Devin Borden Gallery from September 5 through October 28, 2014

Kaneem Smith


Artist’s Reception July 11 (Friday) 6 to 8 pm.

Kaneem Smith is a Texas-based artist who has created a group of unique experimental monoprints. The exhibition title Substrate is a reference to collography (or collagraphy), a technique where dimensional but malleable materials are run directly through the printing press. As in her sculpture practice, Smith uses cotton, burlap and rough hewn fabrics – raw materials associated with historically exploitative economies including the American South.  Smith has also created a series of direct casts which translate other disposable, cast-off remnants into hard, permanent sculpture. Meticulously removing ceramic molds by hand, Smith preserves the inherent beauty of another ubiquitous, disposable material – aluminum – while retaining the delicacy of her woven forms.

About her works Kaneem Smith has said My fiber-based sculptural installations draw inspiration from a familial and historical standpoint, personal experience and the human condition.  My ideas of transcience and transcendence are apparent with the methods and materials I incorporate into each fiber form; and in the coarse gaps of material warp and weft, I impart a sense of temporal wear and the strains of labor, revealing circuits of exchange and power.  By creating thought-provoking installations out of re-purposed fabric materials for my sculptural investigations, I hope to challenge the viewer to participate in a dialogue that references global concerns on ethical trade, the West’s over-consumption of natural resources, colonialist interactions on the natural environment and the economy of developing nations.

Kaneem Smith received her MFA from Syracuse University.  The recipient of numerous awards and honors including the Edward F. Albee Foundation Fellowship, The 20th Annual Carrol Harris Simms sculpture prize at the African American Museum in Dallas, Texas, and the Vermont Studio Center fellowship, she was the subject of a major solo exhibition at Texas Southern University (curated by Danielle Burns, 2010); her work and installations have been presented at numerous museums and public art spaces including Project Row Houses, Galveston Arts Center, the Salzwedel Mönchskirche (Germany), The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, among many others.

Through August 18, 2014

Kaneem Smith Substrate 2014 at Devin Borden Gallery

Kaneem Smith Substrate 2014 at Devin Borden Gallery


A rotating selection of recent works by gallery artists including Christopher Cascio, Nicole Phungrasamee Fein, Geoff Hippenstiel, Matt Messinger, Richard Nix, et al.

Open House June 13 (Friday) 6-8 pm

Christopher Cascio 2014



drawing art gallery museum houston texas 2014 downtown contemporary abraham lincoln

Richard Nix and Charles Wiese at Devin Borden Gallery

Jay Giroux

Chopped and Screwed

Opening May 9 (Friday) from 6-8 pm

Jay Giroux is a scavenger of incidental gestures and lowbrow symbolism from the urban streetscape.  Cognizance of post-war American art informs his newest paintings.  Use of a reduced, economical palette brings to mind the work of Franz Kline or Ad Reinhardt, but specifically the black and white abstractions of Willem de Kooning.  Screen printed elements interact with loose gestural marks to create tension and variety of detail, unique to each but effortlessly connecting the individual canvases.

Through June 28, 2014

The Jay Grioux painting “Chopped & Screwed Vol. 3.” is a tour de force of layers created mostly by taping, painting and spraying.  Stare at it long enough and you’ll notice leaping and bending figures, typographical elements, symbols, snakes and even angry birds emerge from the complex black-and-white composition.  That’s the beauty of figurative abstraction – it changes every time you look at it, and everyone sees something different.

Giroux combines a background in urban street culture with an MFA in painting from the University of Houston.  The work in this show pays homage to post-World War II gestural apinting, that is, Abstract Expressionism…The show’s title – “Chopped and Screwed” – refers to a hip-hop music technique that was developed in Houston by the now-deceased DJ Screw, in which music was remixed by beat-skipping, record scratching, and stopping and starting to make a “chopped-up” version of the original.  In a way, Giroux does the same thing to Abstract Expressionism, chopping and screwing it into something new. – excerpt from Visual Arts Source review, Donna Tennant June 2014

Jay Giroux at Devin Borden Gallery 2014


Jay Giroux Chopped and Screwed 2014 at Devin Borden Gallery

Jay Giroux Chopped and Screwed 2014 at Devin Borden Gallery

Jay Giroux Chopped and Screwed 2014 at Devin Borden Gallery