Matt Messinger


Opening November 17 (Friday) 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Please join us for an exhibition of new assemblages and paintings on canvas and panel by Matt Messinger. Through December 23.

matt messinger 2017 collage paint graphite on panel 14 x 10″

Argus had a hundred eyes round his head, that took their rest two at a time in succession while the others kept watch and stayed on guard. Wherever he stood he was looking at Io, and had Io in front of his eyes when his back was turned. He let her graze in the light, but when the sun sank below the earth, he penned her, and fastened a rope round her innocent neck. She grazed on the leaves of trees and bitter herbs. She often lay on the bare ground, and the poor thing drank water from muddy streams. ‘You there, whoever you are’ Argus calls ‘you could sit here beside me on this rock; there’s no better grass elsewhere for your flock, and you can see that the shade is fine for shepherds.’     Mercury sits down in disguise, and passes the day in conversation, talking of many things, and playing on his reed pipe, trying to conquer those watching eyes. Argus however fights to overcome gentle sleep, and though he allows some of his eyes to close, the rest stay vigilant. When at last Mercury saw that every eye had succumbed and their light was lost in sleep, quickly he stops speaking and deepens their rest, caressing those drowsy eyes with touches of his magic wand. Then straightaway he strikes the nodding head, where it joins the neck, with his curved sword, and sends it bloody down the rocks, staining the steep cliff.  Argus, you are overthrown! The light of your many eyes is extinguished, and one dark sleeps under so many eyelids.

– Ovid Metamorphoses adapted from a translation by A.S. Kline

Matt Messinger Argus 2017 acrylic and cloth cloth collage on canvas 48 x 48″

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