Josh Bernstein

Moon Finger

Artist’s Reception August 19 (Friday) 6-8 pm


On view through October 4, 2016 Extended through October 22, 2016

Moon Finger comprises two related series, both charting the space above Bernstein’s head. The first is a group of kites made from second-hand clothes. The second is a series of drawings made in conjunction with animals living in the attic over his studio. When he heard sounds above him, Bernstein commemorated the incidents with ink and pencil rubbings from his ceiling after pinpointing the location of the late-night scratches. Both the kites and the drawings are functional attempts to render visible the forces – be they wind or rodent – operating unseen just above us. Josh Bernstein received his Masters in Fine Arts from Rutgers University (2008) after attending Amherst College and Brandeis University. His work has recently been included in exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (2015) and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (2012).  This is his first exhibition at Devin Borden Gallery.

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