Richard Nix

New Radius Drawings

Artist’s Reception May 6 (Friday) 6 to 8 pm

richard nix: ink on paper 50 x 50″

Richard Nix makes intricate drawings generated from musical scores.  Visual patterns echo sounds revealed as shifting colors.  Contours of posing dancers or grappling Greco-Roman wrestlers are rotated and repeated to create textures seemingly woven from thread. Trained as a sculptor, Nix completed his MFA at the University of Houston (2010) and has previously had solo exhibitions at Lawndale Art Center (2013) and Devin Borden Gallery (2014).  His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions  in Houston including Skydive, The Joanna and Project Row Houses, and at Holly Johnson Gallery in Dallas.  Please join us for an artist’s reception May 6 (Friday) from 6 to 8 pm.

richard nix: ink on paper 30 x 22″ each

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