Christopher Cascio

Current Obsessions II


Opening March 6 (Friday) from 6 – 8 pm

Accumulations of images and detritus formally arranged on vibrantly colored grounds are hallmarks of paintings by Christopher Cascio.  The repetitive ritualistic use of elements carries significance that is both personal to Cascio (who describes himself as a functional hoarder) and emblematic of current cultural obsessions.  His work has been seen in recent solo exhibitions at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (Dallas, 2014) and Makebish  (New York, 2014); group exhibitions have included The Contemporary Arts Museum (Houston, 2014) and New Image Art (Los Angeles, 2013).  Prior to receiving his MFA in painting from the University of Houston (2013) Cascio attended the San Francisco Art Institute.  This is his first exhibition at Devin Borden Gallery; he lives and works in Houston.

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