Kaneem Smith


Artist’s Reception July 11 (Friday) 6 to 8 pm.

Kaneem Smith is a Texas-based artist who has created a group of unique experimental monoprints. The exhibition title Substrate is a reference to collography (or collagraphy), a technique where dimensional but malleable materials are run directly through the printing press. As in her sculpture practice, Smith uses cotton, burlap and rough hewn fabrics – raw materials associated with historically exploitative economies including the American South.  Smith has also created a series of direct casts which translate other disposable, cast-off remnants into hard, permanent sculpture. Meticulously removing ceramic molds by hand, Smith preserves the inherent beauty of another ubiquitous, disposable material – aluminum – while retaining the delicacy of her woven forms.

About her works Kaneem Smith has said My fiber-based sculptural installations draw inspiration from a familial and historical standpoint, personal experience and the human condition.  My ideas of transcience and transcendence are apparent with the methods and materials I incorporate into each fiber form; and in the coarse gaps of material warp and weft, I impart a sense of temporal wear and the strains of labor, revealing circuits of exchange and power.  By creating thought-provoking installations out of re-purposed fabric materials for my sculptural investigations, I hope to challenge the viewer to participate in a dialogue that references global concerns on ethical trade, the West’s over-consumption of natural resources, colonialist interactions on the natural environment and the economy of developing nations.

Kaneem Smith received her MFA from Syracuse University.  The recipient of numerous awards and honors including the Edward F. Albee Foundation Fellowship, The 20th Annual Carrol Harris Simms sculpture prize at the African American Museum in Dallas, Texas, and the Vermont Studio Center fellowship, she was the subject of a major solo exhibition at Texas Southern University (curated by Danielle Burns, 2010); her work and installations have been presented at numerous museums and public art spaces including Project Row Houses, Galveston Arts Center, the Salzwedel Mönchskirche (Germany), The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, among many others.

Through August 18, 2014

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