Laura Lark

Night Gallery

Opening on Friday April 11, 2014;

please join us for an artist’s reception from 6 to 8 pm.

(On view through May 31, 2014) LAST CHANCE THROUGH JUNE 7th

Laura Lark "Daisy (.)" 2014 ink on Tyvek 30 x 30"

Laura Lark “Daisy (.)” 2014 ink on Tyvek 30 x 30″

LARd2014 Nettle

Laura Lark “Nettle” 2014 ink on Tyvek 22 x 22″

Laura Lark "Drop" 2014 ink on Tyvek 68 x 44"

Laura Lark “Drop” 2014 ink on Tyvek 68 x 44″

In Night Gallery, Laura Lark continues to explore the indelible effect mass media has upon the psyche with her usual painstaking and laboriously analog or “pointillist” Sharpie-on-Tyvek process drawings, but with a few new and subtle twists.  A synthetic fibrous support, Tyvek’s luminosity here stands in stark contrast to images that struggle to assert themselves, while attention to pattern and detail, particularly when translated from original color source material, takes a sinister turn.

These new drawings, much like the short-lived television series from which she appropriates the show’s title, take on a dark and almost supernatural feel within an otherwise crisp and well-lit space.  Here Lark comes full circle in her examination of the ever-present, seeing media “eye,” following the camera’s unblinking gaze with a potent, colorful, self-portraying twist.  The convoluted nature of who’s watching whom, and what that really means for the artist, comes full circle in this exhibition that is at once a commentary on self-reflection and oneself both as creator and object of desire.



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