Ted Kincaid

Ted Kincaid "Nocturnal Landscape 108" at Devin Borden Gallery

Earth, Sea, Sky

Opening January 11 (Friday)  6 – 8 pm

 Through February 23, 2013

The new photographs of Ted Kincaid are characterized by a quest for the sublime;  this has characterized his work for the past few years.  In his last exhibition at Devin Borden Gallery, Every Doubt That Holds You Here (2011) typical subjects included the moon, ships at sea, icebergs, mountains and forests. These were painstakingly wrought to challenge the viewer to detect the slightest clue that their conceptions were counterfeit, including what appeared to be the miscolorations of vintage glass negative photographs.

In Earth, Sea, Sky the same subjects are also presented with a conscious regard for the sublime; however, the new photographs, particularly the nocturnal landscapes, are less mellow.  Kincaid has created a heightened sense of urgency by using more delicate detail in these works.  He simultaneously tempers any sense of immediacy in them with a painterly veil. In Nocturnal Landscape 108, a bewildering array of stars and the silhouettes of trees evoke a dreamy, romantic mood.  Others such as Possible Moon 103 veer more definitively to the charming with a  mannered artificiality reminiscent of the films of Georges Méliès.

Ted Kincaid "Possible Moon 103" at Devin Borden Gallery

Ted Kincaid was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and attended the University of Kentucky and Texas Tech University.  He lives and works in Dallas.  His work is in numerous private and public collections including the Dallas Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the San Antonio Museum of Art.

To learn more about Kincaid and his work link here to his profile in the January 2013 issue of Houston Magazine.

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