Sharon Engelstein

I like that very much a lot

November 3 through December 22, 2012 *extended through January 8, 2013

Sharon Engelstein: I like that very much a lot – Individually evoking cartoonish fragments of bodies, Engelstein’s 10 ceramic sculptures exude a creepy-and-kooky Addams Family-like charm. But it’s the inspired way she’s installed them – huddled together on Styrofoam pedestals, which bring out both their playful and melancholic qualities, they muster a tragicomic grandeur –that gives the ensemble an impact worthy of the best installations in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s recent Shifting Paradigms in Contemporary Ceramics: The Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio Collection. A knockout. Through December 22 at Devin Borden Gallery. — A+C Magazine

These ceramic forms are refinements of my ongoing interest in organic abstraction.Broadly described they are fusions…natural organisms that have somehow been altered by the curious forces of industry and culture. I am also very affected by materials and their suggestive characteristics.While I have worked with a wide range of materials, from space age to ancient,  somehow I always return to clay.  I recently fell in love with wax.   Wax is a surface treatment that gives life to the cold hard clay and glaze.  These materials are full of surprises and force me to invent and conjure in the moment.   This work has been percolating for a long time.  Its new but connected to everything I have ever made.  It’s the most fun I’ve ever had…again.  Sharon Engelstein, 2012

Sharon Engelstein “Feel Fine 1″ at Devin Borden Gallery

Sharon Engelstein “Fragment Basin” at Devin Borden Gallery


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