Christopher French

Christopher French   Between Heaven and Home

Through May 8, 2012

Christopher French at Devin Borden Gallery

Christopher French is based on Long Island, New York and is known for geometric abstractions utilizing a variety of systems to generate images from the simple geometry of the circle.  In French’s earlier works, the patterns evolved in strict grids.  His current body of work examines more free-form shapes including the relationships between plants in the garden, individual flowers petals or the rambling forms of ground cover and ivy.  Delicate veils of acrylic in overlapping colors are set against hard-edged circles which use oil combined with different media, including marble dust, to create different textures and reflective qualities.

Christopher French "Swarm" at Devin Borden Gallery

Christopher French makes paintings that are abstractions in the fullest sense.  He records and distills the brilliant palette of nature and makes it intelligible without dampening its inherent mystery.  These new works are based on the landscape in and around Water Mill, New York, where French moved three years ago….With these paintings French underscores his commitment to the careful notation of nature’s infinite variety.

-Rex Weil

Artnews June 2011 from a review of French’s recent exhibition at Marsha Mateyka Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Christopher French "Touchy-Feely" at Devin Borden Gallery, oil and acrylic on linen 2011

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